US Regions


Focus Question: How does the shape of the land, its resources, and climate affect people who live in a specific region?

Activity 1- Students (using Google Discovery Ed) choose one of the following videos to watch about regions-
*Regions (grades 3-5)
*The 7 Regions of the US (grades 6-8)

Activity 2- Give students a vocabulary list to students to present in 1 of the following ways-
*create a vocab journal
*create vocab flash cards
*create a powerpoint/keynote about the vocab
(example words: regions, geography, climate,....) see Google Discovery Ed 'America by Regions' lesson plan for complete vocabulary list

Activity 3- Select a region of the US. Create a video, brochure, and/or radio spot to advertise their chosen region.
Provide a rubric that lists information that needs to be included. (describe physical features, landmarks (natural/manmade), poem, legends, and songs of the region)